About us

Who are we?

SEOwolf.cz – We’re a small company located in Prague. We devote ourselves primarily to search engine optimization and website design for customer from all over the world. Our goal is to ensure the best results and highest possible profits for our clients and a comprehensive development of their online business.

Our philosophy

We never promise the impossible to our clients. We pride ourselves on an open and honest communication. Our clients are not walking cash machines to us, but business partners we build mutual trust with, free of any side intentions.

Every project entrusted to us we consider with the same gravity and passion as if it were our own. Quality over quantity is our work motto. The results are there for all to see. None of our customers’ websites has ever been sanctioned or penalised by search engines. On the contrary, after agreeing to cooperation, positive changes have always ensued!

Though we employ only a small working team, we’re nevertheless able to reach professional results. The range of online marketing services provided by us is truly vast, matching that provided by much larger companies both in scope and quality. Externally, we cooperate with many other professionals that tend to partial tasks we can’t always provide ourselves. The quality of their work is nevertheless always personally checked and guaranteed by us.

For truly positive results to be reached, a long-term cooperation is the key... Building a position on the Internet is not a question of one day. Or a question of one week for that matter. It is often a drawn-out and demanding process that requires both patience and consistency. We welcome clients who keep that in mind and are willing to actively support the set goal - if only by engaging in transparent communication.

How will we go about it?

First we’ll analyse the field of business you operate in to decide the best subsequent strategy. We’ll also take a look at your website from which we’ll remove all eventual mistakes and improve it both in terms of content and technical optimisation. We’ll accelerate its loading, remove user-unfriendly elements and ensure it gets a proper SEO. We’ll build a huge net of backlinks. The result will be a significant growth both in traffic and conversion rates.

Be it a large, small or even one-man business you run, and be it at any stage, it is absolutely imperative to have a good website. We’ll create one such, tailor-made for you, that will not only fit consumer behaviour on the Internet, but be also suitable for search engine algorithms.


Absolutely nobody can guarantee you the first place on search engines with specific keywords or phrases. Whoever promises you that is most likely trying to con you into signing a contract. What’s more, a first place is not that important if it’s not backed up by appropriate attendance and conversion rate. Those are the things that earn you money, those are the things that are important to us first and foremost.

We’ll outline a plan of your website development and set the corresponding budget to get you to the ‘TOP’ (meaning 1st to the 10th position on search engines) within three to four months. Keep in mind, however, that there’s no 100 % guarantee that you’ll get there within that time frame. That’s because there’s plenty of other factors to contend with e. g. the quality and development of your competitors.

In this regard, the role of a SEO specialist is similar to that of a lawyer who represents their client’s interests in court. An experienced lawyer may increase your chance to succeed, but can never promise success.

What we can promise is that we’ll put all the effort into getting you to the TOP and make your investment into SEO as profitable as possible.


For our activity to be the most efficient, we employ many tried and tested tools suitable for online promotion and analysis. Among those are: